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Episode 160: Dracula Never Dies with Christopher Gauthier

DRACULA NEVER DIES WITH CHRISTOPHER R. GAUTHIER. On this episode, host Phil Hall explores the cinematic legacy of horror movie icon Bela Lugosi with Christopher R. Gauthier, author of the upcoming novel “Dracula Never Dies: The Revenge of Bela Vorlock.”



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  1. It’s truly marvelous listening to Christopher Gauthier. I can’t wait to read his upcoming book. It’ll be amazingly moving and exciting! I’ve read part of ” Dracula Never Dies”
    ( Bela Vorlock) , and Christopher is so very talented, such a brillant writer. I’m truly anxious for reading his book.

  2. Great interview..wonderful to hear Christopher speaking so lovingly about Bela Lugosi…and so eloquently and sympathetic to the memory of Lugosis legacy.

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