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A Team That’s In It To Win It: The Torrington Warrior Cheerleaders

Whether it’s a local singer/songwriter whose music may win an industry recognized award to a local dance company that comes to prominence on a reality-based television show, the community of Torrington benefits when local talent shines brightly on the national stage.  Young competitors who demonstrate poise, skill and good sportsmanship ultimately associate those positive qualities with the city of Torrington. That’s important to recognize when that young talent looks back to us for help in achieving their dreams. In early December young student athletes from Torrington will compete for a national title in the AYC National Cheer Competition in Florida and with our help, those dreams can become a reality.


(c) 2014 Lisa Gay

(c) 2014 Lisa Gay

The road to this national title opportunity has demanded sacrifice and hard work from the entire Warrior Cheerleading team from the parents to the student athletes themselves to the team behind the scenes that supports them all.  This tight knit group inspires each other to greater and greater success. This particular competition has special meaning for everyone involved for after this event, 13 of the 17 student athletes will go on to ninth grade and this year is the last year these students will be compete together at this youth level.

After coaching the Warrior Cheerleaders for four years, Coach Danielle Jolicoeur shared how proud she is of the team, noting how the students have grown and accomplished much during that time.  “We are going down to Florida to leave everything on the mat, to represent Torrington, and to show everyone how far we have come. “Jolicoeur leaves no doubt how she feels about her team as she says, “I love these girls.”


With her assistants Taylor French, Whitney Quarles and Jeymi Hernandez, Jolicoeur has helped the team earn the Grand Champion title and first place in the 2014 CT Allied Conference for the second year in a row. The Warrior Cheerleaders qualified in the New England Regional Cheer Competition for their shot at the title in Florida. Already the Torrington community is proud of these young students in this extraordinary athletic achievement.

Part of the Team behind the team is Cheer Coordinator, Wendy Viera Fox who has worked hard to make sure all of the certifications, training, and paperwork have been done correctly. All of the work by all of the members of the board has been done with commitment and love.  Fox says, “It has been a pleasure through all the hours to see the girls cheer. To see one girl impacted by cheer in a positive way makes it all worth it.”


(C)2014 LISA GAY

(C)2014 LISA GAY

The Warrior Cheerleading will be traveling to Orlando to be part of the competition from December 10th – 15th and this is where the Torrington community can support the team to fulfill their dream.

One way to support the team is to participate in a team fundraiser. One fundraising event is being held at the Arts Desire in downtown Torrington. Jessica Stepler-Washington, co-owner of The Arts Desire, is a proud parent of one of the talented members of the team. “I see first handedly how hard these girls work and how dedicated they are,” Stepler-Washington says. “ It has been great to see the girls bond together in the past few years. It really helps their strength when they have one dream they share together!”  The Arts Desire will hold a Painting Party to benefit the Torrington Warrior Cheerleaders on December 3rd from 7pm to 9pm. It is 35 dollars which includes the cost of the paint, canvas and instruction and most of all, the FUN!


Another event is on December 5th. From 3pm to 8pm there will be a bake sale outside the Stop & Shop on Torringford Street (east side). By purchasing the baked goods outside the Stop and Shop, you will be making a direct contribution to the team’s efforts to travel to Florida.

But there’s another way to support the team too! On Saturday, Dec 6th from 8am-10am there will be an Applebee’s pancake breakfast where there will be some prizes raffled off.

 And of course at any time between now and December 10th, please contribute to the GOFUNDME campaign.   

Torrington has the unique opportunity to help these young people achieve their dreams during this historic year and no matter what happens in Florida, this team has already made our community proud.

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