About Nutmeg Chatter

Updated as of 10/17/2019

Nutmeg Chatter is a weekly the radio program airs on WAPJ Torrington Community Radio on Sundays at 3:00pm and WHDD and the entire Robin Hood Radio network on Monday nights at 7:30pm. The program features interviews with extraordinary observers of the human experience.

The host for Nutmeg Chatter is Phil Hall, an award-winning journalist, film historian, broadcaster and actor.

The program is produced by J. Timothy Quirk.

Inquiries for the show can be sent to nutmegchatter@gmail.com



Phil Hall, host of “Nutmeg Chatter.” Photo by J. Timothy Quirk.

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  1. My tenth idea would be to patronize local shops rather than huge corporation-run big box stores. You can find everything from fresh, local produce and artisan food products to toys to clothing to furniture, right in your local shops. Don’t help the big corporations; help your neighborhood by buying local. It really works!

  2. Could anyone tell me what “nutmeg” means in Winsted? Is there a street named Nutmeg? Someone’s name?

    • Nutmeg isn’t really specific to Winsted, The term “nutmeg” comes from the state of Connecticut’s unofficial nickname “The Nutmeg State”. If you see the term “nutmeg” associated with something whether it’s a bank (like Nutmeg State bank, ballet company (Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory), etc the term Nutmeg is being used to identify Connecticut. Winsted, or at least this particular Winsted I wrote about, happens to be in Connecticut.

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