60 Seconds with J. Timothy Quirk

60 Seconds with J. Timothy Quirk visits Off The Cuff

off the cuff 2

New Milford’s comedy team is on the air in Torrington! Off the Cuff with KJ features the comedic energy of Kathy Johnansen and her husband officially known as C-Bass on air.  A resident of New Milford, this comedienne has found an audience in Torrington on the radio at WAPJ and in live venues, especially Performance Hub.  Nutmeg Chatter has planned an real interview and profile piece closer to February as KJ is to host My Funny Valentine, a night of comedy on Valentines Day.


With the upcoming profile there will be podcast links and video of the performers. But THIS video you’re about to see is based on the “60 Seconds” premise, the premise that says, “This 60 Seconds isn’t about me…it’s about ME interviewing YOU.” Enjoy! 🙂

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