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Releasing From the Cage: New Album from Jay Roberts



Jay Roberts released a song in 2014 called “Superman in a Cage” expressing that universal feeling of busting out and taking charge.  He’s done just that with his new album “Devil’s Son”. In the lyrics and music he removes his masks and shares himself with his audience in his most personal album to date.

I ask him about the title of the album.

“I’m not a devil, I’m not bad,” says Roberts, “…but I’m also no angel either, we all make mistakes, we all goof stuff up, we all have our vices, and  the subject matter in this album is a tip of the cap to that aspect of our human nature.” He’s not glorifying it, he’s sharing that’s one aspect of who he is. Roberts points out that Superman in a Cage is after the song Devil’s Son and it’s the answer. Where Devil’s Son “run, run, runs” away from problems, Superman in a Cage breaks out and answers the call, busting away from bad habits and moving forward. These are parts of human nature and definitely a part of Roberts’ personality.

The album was created from songs he’d written over the span of his life that he waited until he could record them in the manner he had heard in his head.  Under the production of Tracy Walton at On Deck Sound Studios, who also plays bass on the recordings, the 9 songs are professional, polished but with the edge that befits a rocker like Jay Roberts. Songs like “Might as Well Stay” has a jazz feel, while “Two Eggs” has a rockability/country sound.  Roberts won’t be pigeonholed in one genre, he is more than just “a one trick pony” as he says.

There will be a release party at Performance Hub in downtown Torrington on Saturday January 10th at 7:30pm.




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