Getting “On Deck”: The music of “On Deck Sound Studio”

on deck 2

On Deck Sound Studio in northwest Connecticut is making a buzz in the music industry.  Ghost of the Valley, Donna Gentile, Howard Baldwin and Screamin Eagle Band are all choosing to record their music in the bucolic setting in the hills of Litchfield County. And did you hear Jay Roberts, Sarah Barrios, Julia Autumn Ford or Krizta Moon‘s albums from last year? They were ALL recorded there in Tracy Walton‘s studio and it’s no surprise that Walton recorded his own album, “Moderately Unknown” which will be released later this year.  As the roster of “who’s who” in the Connecticut music scene fills up the On Deck Sound Studio’s roster, the prominence of this locale will continue to rise to new levels and opportunities. In August there will be an On Deck Sound Studio Showcase stage at Podunk Bluegrass Festival.

on deck 1

Fans in New England know Tracy Walton the singer, the rocker. Tracy Walton was nominated this year in the New England Music awards category for Best Male Performer. VOTE HERE (voting ends 3/1/2015).  But the other side, the producer side, capitalizes on his strengths as a musician and teacher.  NEXT year he might be nominated for Best Male Performer AND for Best Producer. Musician Jay Roberts who just released his CD on 1/10/2015 says Walton ensures the musicians put out their best work when they record and that goes for his own recording as well.

Walton invited many artists back to the studio to join him in the making of “Moderately Unknown”, a title that makes a tongue and cheek reference to a special moment in time in a musicians’ journey. He says there’s a point in a career for a singer/songwriter when he/she can go into any community, be inspired to write songs about it, rock a venue while there and always let the music carry the message.  He will be living out that message in the next few weeks as he plays in Pawling, NY at Daryl (Hall)’s House Club.

So that sound you might hear over the trees or in the valleys just might be the sounds of musicians making their magic happen at On Deck Sound Studio in northwest Connecticut.

on deck 3

Ben Dean of Caravan of Thieves records at On Deck Sound Studio (c)2015 quirk

.Donna Gentile at On Deck Sound Studio (c) 2014 walton

Donna Gentile at On Deck Sound Studio (c) 2014 walton

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