Nutmeg Chatter Spotlight: 01/16/2015

kopler 1Torrington Joe Kopler’s artwork is proudly showcased throughout North Western Connecticut but some pieces find a home out of state. As we visited on Wednesday 1/14/2015, Kopler worked on two unique and personal sculptured works of art. One piece was commissioned by a local business owner in Bakerville, Connecticut and it celebrates the region. The second piece was commissioned  as a gift for that customer’s friend in Ohio.  Kopler finds patrons of his sculptured paintings often choose a work of art for themselves and once they receive a completed work, like it so much that they will want to get another one as a gift for friends or family. The process of the work is fascinating so Nutmeg Chatter will come back for a full profile of the artist next month! For more information, Kopler can be found on facebook and on his own site. Pricing can be found on his etsy page 

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