BUILDING THE GUILD: Nicole Goncalves and the Litchfield Artisan’s Guild

litchfield artisans

Litchfield Artisan’s Guild: Open Friday thru Sunday 10am to 5pm at 383 Torrington Rd Litchfield, CT

In the former COOP in Litchfield, Connecticut there’s a dedicated group of artists who are building a bright future together. Formed in late 2014, the Litchfield Artisan’s Guild was founded by Connecticut’s Nicole Goncalves at 383 Torrington Road, Litchfield, CT.  The Guild is open from Friday thru Sunday 10am to 5pm and inside you’ll find a wide variety of unique, handmade gifts to discover!

Building the Guild has been keeping Goncalves busy if she wasn’t already busy enough! Goncalves already enjoys an enormously popular blog THE NEW ENGLAND GIRL; she was featured on HGTV’s Season 3 of Flea Market Flip, her work has been covered in news articles from the Litchfield Times, Canton Patch, Rural Intelligence, Lakeville Journal and many more.  The driving force for this work in progress is to create “an outlet for local artisans to sell and teach their craft, in an environment that nurtures creativity and uniqueness.”. On her website, Goncalves is described as a Designer, a Lifestyle Guru and an Artist but for many who know her, she’s a renaissance woman with the passion to succeed.

Hilary Adorno of Ice Blink Designs  says the primary reason for joining the Guild was because of its founder, Nicole Goncalves. “I chose Litchfield Artisans Guild because of Nicole. When I first met her, I was so impressed with her vision, determination and obviously wide range of talents.” Adorno is pleased she is able to showcase her unique handmade jewelry in a Guild created by Goncalves. “I don’t think there is anything she can’t do or will at least try. I relate to her aesthetic and thought my jewelry fit into her vision, as did she. It was a leap of faith, and I had to go with my gut. She is a very impressive young woman.”

photo  submitted with permission

photo submitted with permission

Adorno is not alone in her feelings about the founder of this group. Rachel Hannon Harrel, creator of Quailies Kids, confirms, citing Nicole’s passion as main contributing factor to joining the team. “I was not looking to go into any stores at this point but after talking to Nicole I could not resist!”  Harrel  is optimistic about the future of the Guild.  “I feel when spring hits, the shop will blossom along with the flowers!”

Litchfield Artisans consider 2015 to be a building year and they welcome new members to join them in this quest because it’s moving fast. “In 2015, Nicole is already hosting clinics, writing an engaging blog about the artisans, their stories and methods, “says Adorno. “She plans to spiff up the building and address signage. I have a lot of respect for the other artists and really think this is a good fit for Ice Blink Designs and hope for a long and productive relationship with the Guild.”

Now if you go, remember, there is no sign that says “Litchfield Artisan’s Guild” as of the publication of this piece, that is a work in progress. The location is in between downtown Torrington and downtown Litchfield on Route 202 right next to the Litchfield Hills Nursery.

Here’s the list of the current artisans as of this publication.

Brenda Deming – Crafty Chic’s and More |Crocheted hats, scarves & children’s sets. Solar Lamps. Notary.
Rachel Harrel – Qualies Kids | Custom made children’s tutus, Tee-shirts and more.

Harmony Tanguay – Dog & Pony Designs |Tee shirts specializing in local towns & original designs. Fine Art.

Eugene Marino- Thistledew Press | Letter press & block printing. One of a kind prints and holiday cards.

Beckman Marino |Steam-punk Jewelry

Hilary Adorno – Ice Blink Designs |Leather & beaded jewelry

Clare Courter |Jewelry & miniature zen stone sculpture.

Greta Goodman-Knit Knacks By Greta | Knit wears and Calligraphy

Liz Malzac |Sewn potholders, scarves and more!

Carol Hannon– Just Be Photography | Photos on slate plaques & miniature bird houses


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