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Nutmeg Chatter Spotlight: 01/27/2015

spotlight carrieIn the northwest Connecticut, Carrie Vibert creates her popular POET IN THE PANTRY blog. Founded in September 2010, Vibert used her blog as a means to exercise the creative writing muscles. Her fan base grew as she chronicled her journeys. Vibert writes about recipes, produces and experiences in an engaging and fun way and they are always accompanied by top quality photographs!

“My favorite part about food blogging would be the people. You start writing on your computer and you think you’re alone–that you’re in an isolation booth, cranking it all out on your own, and you don’t even know if anyone will read it. And then you see that people are reading it, small numbers at first, maybe only your mom or your best friend. And then the numbers grow. And you start to make connections with other people doing the same thing you’re doing, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, and more. And then you start to meet those people in real life–believe it or not, there are REAL people behind those blogs, living and breathing like the rest of us–and you discover that you’ve found your tribe. You belong. And the world becomes a little bit smaller because of it. It’s just amazing how connected you can become from something that seems so solitary.”-Carrie Vibert

Follow her on facebook here: POET IN THE PANTRY FACEBOOK
and on twitter here: POET IN THE PANTRY TWITTER
and on pintrest here: POET IN THE PANTRY PINTREST
and contact via email:


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    • Thank you! thank you for checking it out and following it! I believe bloggers are an integral part of the fabric of our cultural community so I’ll showcasing more bloggers throughout the year!

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