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Krizta Moon: Tending the Garden of Truth

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When she was only twelve years old, crippling anxiety attacked her but the power of music provided relief. At that young age, Krizta Moon realized that music was therapeutic and she studied to become a board certified Music Therapist. Traveling over 30,000 miles in 2 years, Moon provided therapy to children and adults. In addition to music therapy, Moon found other creative ways to use music to help people. For 7 years, several days a week, she was the vocal coach at the Warner Theatre. Throughout her career, Krizta Moon has harnessed the power of music to help others through their journeys in life and today, in perhaps her most personal musical endeavor to date, she has created TENDING THE GARDEN OF TRUTH, a 5 song EP showcasing her vocal strengths and her ability to heal others through music.

TENDING THE GARDEN OF TRUTH is a deeply personal album that finds power in the singer’s vulnerability. Krizta Moon’s beautiful voice gently guides us through emotional chaos, divorce, and death; we can handle these difficult, jarring topics because music lifts us from despair and tells us that we are all in this together and that there is a brighter future ahead. The music is a conduit of transformation. The lyrics ring true, unshielded by contrivance. Moon is accompanied by a wide array of musical stars who complete the album. First and foremost, Tracy Walton lends his talent both on the album musically and in production, for his On Deck Sound Studio produced the record.  Jeff Howard (formerly of the McLovins) is on guitar, Mic Nicosa plays drums and fans of the band Kindred Queer and Olive Tiger will rejoice when they find Evan Cook on bass, Olive Kiley on cello and Jesse Newman on violin.

The star of the work is Krizta Moon of course and her ability to give to her audience all that she has lyrically, vocally and musically.  The first song on the album EVERYTIME harkens back to Moon’s darker days.  “It’s the introduction to me,” Krizta Moon says. Moon describes feelings of chaos as the voice cries the wish to “Strip from my armor and slip through the cracks of this world”. It is the power of music that holds her together and “baptized by the mud” as bruises fade in the rain, she has the resolve to move forward choosing to “NOT TO SWIM IN SELF LOATHING BUT BATHE IN SELF LOVE”

THE CHEMIST describes the chemical reaction to love and how wonderful it would be if it were bottled. Unfortunately the exuberance of love can fade and the song sets the stage for FOREVER WASN’T MEANT TO BE.

EVERY DAY BASIS was written after 9/11 and is boldly political. Considered a study of the country’s fear in perilous times and the fear for the country during those times, it holds the lyric “We are All ( citizens of the world) afraid of a World War 3!”

FOREVER WASN’T MEANT TO BE might be considered a companion piece to The Chemist for it describes how the feeling of love is still there, though changed through time from where it had been.  Moon describes it as a “positive divorce song”.  There is still pain. There is still hurt. But there’s a recognition that although “forever wasn’t meant to be…we’re better off friends aren’t we?” The song recognizes the idea of two loving people having a positive future apart from each other.

My favorite track on the EP is SANDY BEACHES, an inspiring ending to the album. Moon thought about the tragedy at Sandy Hook and about the death of a loved one she knew. Sandy Beaches is sung in part by loved ones and new friends who join her in the chorus, demonstrating that loved ones can keep us grounded in a roller coaster ride of life.

The album is titled TENDING THE GARDEN OF TRUTH. Moon says that she’s weeded out her internal garden, tending to her decisions of internal health by taking ownership and control over her own healthy food and water choices and by making important external choices. “I’m mean, I’m not just talkin’ about any old Garden but, Eden,” Moon says. “The Internal as well as external. The lover and the love of oneself.  Love is most important!” Moon’s truth is that there is no promise that life will be lived without scars or pain but there is a promise that where there is compassion and true empathy, we can step through puddles, be baptized in the mud and follow through to sandy beaches with those we love.

Krizta Moon will perform at Infinity Bistro in Norfolk at 2/8/2015 at 7pm.

Her new album, TENDING THE GARDEN OF TRUTH will be released in early 2015 and Nutmeg Chatter will cover the release party when it is announced.

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