Tuesday Art Discovery

Tuesday Art Discovery: at the day’s end

at days end 1


The Nutmeg Chatter Tuesday Art Discovery is a portion of Nutmeg Chatter curated by editor-in-chief J. Timothy Quirk. The Discovery highlights a specific work, whether a poem, photograph, visual art, short story, video or song and the creators of the work do not have to be located in Connecticut to be considered.

Today’s Art Discovery merges the work of two distinct creators who reside in different states. The poem was authored by Janean Baird in Illinois. The photograph was created by Karen Glosser in Western New York.

Janean Baird is an artist, poet and daydreamer residing in central Illinois; her work has been exhibited in murals in Uptown Normal, Illinois and Bloomington, Illinois. Her artwork is available through the Main Gallery 404, Inc. in Bloomington, IL and by contacting Janean directly with commissions accepted.  Baird’s poetry can be found on her site TURQUOISE TANGLES and her popular Tumblr site: Tuquoise Tangles tumblr blog.    She can also be found on twitter @turquoisetangle

Karen Glosser utilized her photography skills initially as a means of inspiration in her work as a jewelry artist at Karen Glosser Designs.  It’s importance grew over time and it has now become her main means of artistic expression. Glosser’s photographs have been shown in a number of exhibitions in the Western New York area.  Glosser’s latest exhibit “Iced Abstractions: Images Frozen In Time”  opens at Portage Hill Art Gallery in Westfield, NY on February 14 and displays a selection of images from her Iced Series of macro ice abstracts. Glosser is represented by Portage Hill Art Gallery and her work can be seen at her own website www.karenglosser.com


The poem:

at day’s end

the moon is full
the stars are bright
fresh snow shimmers
on a winter’s night
a rabbit waits
a dog barks
the woman walks
brrrrr shiver

—janean baird

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  1. Thanks, J. Timothy Quirk for pairing my poem with Karen Glosser’s stunning photograph for your new Tuesday Art Discovery feature. Our collaboration has a great how we met story too: Three artists from three different states who met virtually on twitter and literally clicked. Just goes to show we know our people when we meet them. So glad to know the both of you. #AWESOME

  2. Reblogged this on Turquoise Tangles and commented:
    My poem, “at day’s end,” is paired with one of Karen Glosser’s photographs for “Tuesday Art Discovery” on Nutmeg Chatter. I am honored to be part of this collaboration. Thank you, J. Timothy Quirk, for promoting the Arts. ~Janean

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