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Noelke Gallery: Contemporary in Torrington


“The Middle Class Fumble”-John Noelke


The Noelke Gallery is a contemporary gallery next to the Five Points Gallery at 15 Water Street in Torrington Ct. The Noelke features the work of John Noelke, a visual artist from Barkhamsted.  Opening in 2014 while the artist prepared the space, the exhibit inside, “Turbulence”, is now proudly displayed. The Gallery is open during the Torrington Arts Walk.




“I’ve been playing around with this house shape made out of 2 x 4s; it basically symbolizes the American dream, the struggle of the middle class,” Noelke says. He works to create a visual impact that represents the current economic struggle. He defined the grand piece in the south end of the gallery “The Middle Class Fumble”.




Noelke considers his work emotional releases. “These (paintings) are not still, they are agitated and turbulent, you know and the title of the show is Turbulence. Its recognizing and acknowledging the economic turbulence that’s going on but also and my own personal turbulence at times too.”

The exhibit changes each month and Noelke makes a personal plea to the local community visit the artwork. He assures that this is a no pressure environment and feels there is great potential for engagement in Torrington.

The gallery is still in the building stages including presenting the work on social media.  Maurice Casas, a contemporary artist in his own right, is honored to be the gallery manager of the Noelke Gallery.  “We’re in the process of creating all the graphics for the gallery,” he says. Casas confirms the gallery will be engaging the community at all levels including social media.

For more information check out  NOELKE GALLERY.

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