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Meet “Poet in the Pantry” Carrie Vibert

(c) poet in the pantry

(c) poet in the pantry

Nutmeg Chatter has always been a fan of Poet in the Pantry, the blog created by Torrington native Carrie Vibert.  After the Nutmeg Chatter Spotlight featured Vibert on 1/27/2015, the response was overwhelming that bloggers are essential in the new media landscape and they deserve the coverage in an arts/culture news site.  I am grateful that Carrie Vibert accepted the invitation to become the first blogger to appear for a cover story for Nutmeg Chatter.

Here now is an interview with Carrie Vibert.

Nutmeg Chatter: When did Poet in the Pantry first begin?

Carrie Vibert: September 2010

NC: What made you think to start the blog in the first place?

CV:  I had always wanted to become a published author, but life got in the way. I was taking a Creative Writing course with Doug Anderson at UCONN West Hartford and realized that you can’t get to being an author without writing (duh!). So I started writing the blog. It was a lot more haphazard at first–poetry, local events, miscellaneous life stuff, pretty much anything to get me writing–but became focused on food by the end of 2010.

spotlight carrie

NC: How do you see blogging’s role in the media landscape.

CV:  I see blogs as the new media. For good or bad–you certainly have to consider your source–they provide access with a personal touch. You’re reading what someone you can relate to wrote, which is kind of neat, and, at least in the case of food blogging, it makes it all feel a little more attainable. You don’t have to be a pro to pull off some of the more challenging culinary projects. All you need is an interest and a computer and you, too, can tackle things like croquembouche, croissants, sourdough bread, Beef Wellington… pretty much anything you can think of that you can order in a restaurant or bakery.

NC: What’s your favorite aspect of blogging?

CV: My favorite part about food blogging would be the people. You start writing on your computer and you think you’re alone–that you’re in an isolation booth, cranking it all out on your own, and you don’t even know if anyone will read it. And then you see that people are reading it, small numbers at first, maybe only your mom or your best friend. And then the numbers grow. And you start to make connections with other people doing the same thing you’re doing, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, and more. And then you start to meet those people in real life–believe it or not, there are REAL people behind those blogs, living and breathing like the rest of us–and you discover that you’ve found your tribe. You belong. And the world becomes a little bit smaller because of it. It’s just amazing how connected you can become from something that seems so solitary.

(c) poet in the pantry

(c) poet in the pantry

NC: Do you have a favorite post from Poet in the Pantry?

CV: My favorite post was a very tongue-in-cheek recipe written in real-time for a parent!


NC: What’s on the horizon for Poet in the Pantry in 2015?

CV: What will 2015 bring? Hopefully, more travel and lifestyle pieces. I love food, but there’s more to life than what’s for dinner. I’m trying to broaden my horizons a bit, while staying true to my roots. I also may bring back poetry as a more regular feature. I dabbled with micro fiction in a few posts last year and really enjoyed merging my worlds.


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  1. Carrie is a great pick for person of the week! I love her blog and her pictures are always amazing. She makes me believe that I just might be able to cook a dish or two, too!

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