Under the Gunn III: Gunn Library to Host Poets

IMG_4757The 3rd Annual Voices of Poetry event will be held on Saturday, February 21 at 2 pm at Gunn Memorial Library.  The event is free and open to the public and will feature four award winning poets including Fiona de Merell, Chard DeNiord, Athena Demetra Fliakos and Davyne Verstandig. The music will be provided by multi-woodwind player Joseph Meo and classical and jazz guitarist Gene Pino.


Neil at beach (1)

Neil Silberblatt, founder of Voices of Poetry, stresses his gratitude for the support the event has received from the town.  “We are thrilled and very grateful that the Board of Selectmen of Washington, CT voted to support this event, enabling us to offer well-deserved honoraria to these poets & musicians.”

Silberblatt created Voices of Poetry in 2012 with an emphasis on finding opportunities for live poetry events. “I wanted to organize a series of events which would feature distinguished poets whose voices deserved attention and venues where they could be heard,” says Silberblatt. “It began in ad hoc fashion but it has blossomed and we are now in our 4th year.”

Voices of Poetry holds events in Connecticut and Massachusetts every month and has recently found its way into New York .  With each event, Voices of Poetry hopes to engage the community and provide the opportunity for that community to discover or rediscover poetry.

For more information on Voices of Poetry, find them on facebook here!

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