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Rich Cyr: Clawing his way to the Comedic Top

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Comedian Richard Cyr steps into Performance Hub while visiting the Off the Cuff program and he’s hailed with cheers and warm greetings. He’s not performing tonight but the camaraderie of fellow comedians emanates through the room. Cyr is known in Connecticut as a comedian who’s taking his shot and making his mark in the comedy world.

The road to stand up wasn’t a straight line for Cyr. Originally Cyr was assisting a friend on a humorous documentary when the friend wanted to try stand up comedy. Cyr said he would join him. The pair went to the Manchester, CT comedy club for their Open Mic night and he received his first hearty laughs. He was hooked.

In the last year Cyr performed in 255 shows in 7 states and there’s no sign this comedic train is slowing down. Most recently Cyr has been performing in venues in New Hampshire and New York. With each new opportunity, Cyr hones his craft and expands his comedic horizons.

“Wherever there’s a mic, that’s where you’ll find me,” says Cyr.

One of Cyr’s favorite comedy moments happened in Tennessee. Cyr was in the audience when professional “roaster” Jeffrey Ross called for “volunteers”  to join him on stage and Cyr jumped at the chance. When he told Ross he was a “comedian by night”, Ross roasted every volunteer before returning to Ross and then he gave him the microphone.  Cyr had the opportunity to perform in front of a sold out crowd in a large auditorium and he received laughs and a standing ovation.

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Cyr is wearing a special t-shirt with his trademark “claw” on it. Rich Cyr has cerebral palsy and he discusses that in depth during his act. In one of his bits he starts out by telling his audience he’s not a motivational speaker, he’s a comedian and he just wants you to LAUGH but what he has found is that his comedy, his ability to talk directly about his own experience does inspire. From all walks of life, members in the audience can see a man who has empowered himself and is reaching for the stars and that brings inspiration as well as laughter.

Cyr will perform next at the following dates:

Friday, February, 27th: Dinner and Laughs Fundraising Event at the Swedish Social Club (Bristol, Ct)
Saturday, February 28th: Greenwich Village Comedy Club (NYC)

For more information on Richard Cyr find and like his Facebook page HERE!


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