Tracy Walton’s “Moderately Unknown”


The artwork on the album cover of Tracy Walton’s “Moderately Unknown” is as unique and special as the album it represents. The artwork by John Kelly features Walton’s profile including his trademark sideburns and a hint of a smile.  The art has a minimalist, almost stencil like quality which is a perfect counterpoint to the full sound emanating from the vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, organ,  mellotron, dundun, and many surprises along the way.  In each track, Tracy Walton demonstrates a maturity in his lyrics and tone in his most cohesive album to date.

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Walton benefits from the many musical talents who helped him fully realize the vision for this album. Ben Dean of Caravan of Thieves provides exquisite violin and viola and his work is especially powerful on “Better Man”. Chip Fenney brings the horns with gusto, especially on “Jump into the Fire”. All the while the sound of Adam Issadore’s djembe and Francisco Morales’ dundun add to Mic Nicosia’s drums. Jeff Howard (formerly of McLovins) rips through the electric guitar solo with vengeance and joy on “Come With Me” and the sorrowful wail of his guitar on Belfast  speaks as eloquently as the lyrics.


And it’s a treat to hear the performers whose records Walton produced at his On Deck Sound Studio show up on the backing tracks of Moderately Unknown. The unmistakable rock vocals of Jay Roberts is featured in “Come with Me”. Julia Autumn Ford sings beautifully on multiple tracks of the work, most prominently in “Lullably for Ava”.  Krizta Moon brings her signature style to Many Worlds Collide and Summertime.

Ben Dean (of the Caravan of Thieves) at On Deck Sound Studio

Ben Dean (of the Caravan of Thieves) at On Deck Sound Studio

My favorite tracks on the album recall to mind the Desultory Theatre Club’s last glorious night at the Morrison Building where Walton and Mic Nicosa performed “The Night Slipped Away in our Hands”. That event inspired perhaps my favorite song on the album “Jump into the Fire”.

“Moderately Unknown” is a tongue and cheek reference to a time in many musicians’ careers when an artist travels throughout the country to perform but still retains some level of  privacy while being out and about in the community, all the while enjoying the journey.

“Moderately Unknown” is a complete record that brings Walton’s singer-songwriter experience to fruition and through his music, we can all experience the journey together.

Tracy Walton’s CD release party will be held on 3/25/2015 at 7pm at Daryl’s House Club in Pawling, New York.

The concert can be streamed online live at

To find the album Moderately Unknown, click HERE


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