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Art Discovery: Carolyn Frayn

frayn unnamed

Holga Walk Series (C) Carolyn Frayn

Nutmeg Chatter has the extreme pleasure of introducing you to the exquisite work of photographer Carolyn Frayn.

Calla Lillies (c) Carolyn Frayn

Calla Lillies (c) Carolyn Frayn

NUTMEG CHATTER: When did you first discover photography as art?

CAROLYN FRAYN: I first discovered photography as an art form in grade six, when my Dad gave me his wonderful old folding camera to take with me on an outdoor school trip. I photographed water, bark, and rocks. I didn’t start developing my own black and white photographs until I was in grade nine. Photography as an art form, that which I found rewarding, developed throughout the years. It was in the late 80s that it became a passion of mine. In the early 90s I taught myself Photoshop, then the fun really began.
NC: What cameras do you use?
CF: I use a variety of cameras, I can’t name one as my favourite. Pinhole and Zone Plate cameras (both purchased and hand made) many Holgas and modded Holgas (including a modded Holga pinhole that is named after me), medium format film cameras, and different SLRs throughout the years. My latest SLR is a Canon 5D Mark II, digital. I still use my Dad’s folding camera, and one other he left to me. A few others I have played with include the Diana, a few old box cameras, and a Polaroid land camera.   I have a 4×5 polaroid back and plate holders for my pinholes and zone plates.
frayn unnamed 2

And now, Nutmeg Chatter readers, you are about to take a journey through a virtual gallery hosting the Carolyn Frayn exhibit.

Paris in a Box 1 (c) Carolyn Frayn

Paris in a Box 1 (c) Carolyn Frayn



                                 BY CAROLYN FRAYN

Home is not the walls that surround my belongings. Home is

the joy and comfort that encompasses my life and follows me

without hesitation. Home is an invisible field of peace and

goodness. Memorable, surprising, delicious, kind, and rife with

tingling finger sensations.


Home is where my life lives.


Perception of Consciousness Three. © Carolyn Frayn

Home is my son’s laughter bubbling through the halls to

fill my heart with smiles.

Home is the most beautiful faces from far away greeting

me at the door.

Home is my sister’s hands wrapped around mine when

her strength is exactly what I need to carry on.

Home is our children gathered to bake us delights and

stir our bellies with giggles.

Home is my sons magic flying from certain lovely fingers. Home is feeling Mom’s fragile and

strong arms around me, her wish to trade with me my circumstance, home is listening to her


frayn garden series

Home is that shaft of sunlight laying softly tickling the

bunny’s nose and gently

rubbing the dog’s eye as they both enjoy our quiet space.





frayn paris 2

Home is chilly feet curled up under the sage blanket, home is a

cup of tea, a book, the TV. Home is family dinners around the

corner or down the road. Home is drunken pictionary on

basement rugs with sleeping dogs.





frayn prin file


Home is an instinct, an

intensely beautiful response, an

oft perfect sense of calm.





Home is laughter, home is warmth. Home holds countless layers of emotions, never still

cala 5

yet almost silent. Home has no bounds, never ending gently swirling timelessness.

Strength is regained, resolve renewed, home heals all that can be healed.


As dappled sunlight travels the rooms of my life, as rain melts the

gloom and echoes soothing repetition into the nights, as snow softly

blankets my growing fears, as moonlight

finds a place to rest within my quiet reflection, I am home.


Home is where my life lives.

frayn portrait


Carolyn Frayn is a Canadian Artist living with terminal breast cancer. Still here, still home.

Carolyn wrote about her experience with metastatic breast cancer in this post HERE and shares her personal experience in her blog ART OF BREAST CANCER  which has a facebook page. You can LIKE her fb page HERE.


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