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Listeners of WAPJ radio on Thursday nights from 9 to midnight know that ANTI-RADIO will bring the Metal and the fun for a three hour party on the airwaves.  Since Anti Radio came on the air in February of 2014, the show has generated a strong following that continues to grow with each broadcast as more “Antites” discover the program built for them.  The brain child of Connecticut School of Broadcasting graduate Jeff Testanero, Anti-Radio is hosted by Testanero and Jenn Scanlon whose “Metal Fact of the Night” is a popular feature on the show. Together this team offers Metal music and interviews with bands and performers (many of whom show up to Torrington’s studio for on-air interviews) and it’s all done with humor and heart; they are the right messengers at the right time, showcasing the music they love in their own way.


Jenn Scanlon and Jeff Testanero at WAPJ


Today, Saturday 5/16, Anti-Radio is presenting a concert; it is metal with a message. In Wallingford from 3:30pm to 1:30AM at the Cherry Street Station, Metal fans can enjoy a concert featuring ten bands for ten dollars. For the ticket price of only ten dollars, the concert goer gets performances from ten bands: Imperium Mortis, Beneath The Marrow, Death Rattle, Archaic Decapitator, Beat the Doll, Lightsbane, Physics of Demise, Tear Gas Union, Shallow Ground, The Hounds Of Justice. It is an all adult show (21 and over).  The entire concert will benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


Supporting the NAMI was an important cause for Testanero. Mental health issues such as bi-polar, schizophrenia, autism, depression and eating disorders touch so many families and NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.” (quoted from their website).


Testanero and Scanlon want the message out there loud and clear that it is important to fight discrimination and the stigma associated with mental health challenges and we should assist those who are fighting those challenges.

The concert will have an indoor and an outdoor stage (in the evening it will all be indoor). The ticket price is exceptionally reasonable (*where else can you get ten bands for ten dollars?), the cause is worthy and the music is them metal you crave.

For more info on the concert CLICK HERE.


For more info on NAMI CLICK HERE. 


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