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Hard Hittin Comedy: Marcellino “Moose” Hill

Marcellino 1

It wasn’t the easy road Marcellino Hill traveled upon as a child growing up in New Britain, Connecticut. At a young age Marcellino had a speech impediment and he could not pronounce his own name. His Grandmother would say to him, “You better start laughin’ ‘cause they’re already laughin.” Naturally funny, his comedy became his best defense and after years of class and therapy, the speech was rectified and only his comedic timing remained.

Many years passed but he was always the guy his friends would always say “you should really go on stage” and so one day he got his chance at Billy Jack’s Café at the Foxmill Run Mall. He was an audience member but had tables laughing before the show. Challenged twice by a comedian once the comedian went on stage, Marcellino finally returned fire in good humor and was invited to go on stage. Marcellino did his first 12 minutes of the bat and was hooked.

marcellino 2

It was four years ago when when the professional comedy career officially began with a contest at the Funny Bone. Marcellino entered and although he didn’t win the contest, an audience member loved his work and invited him to participate in his comedy event she was hosting. From then on, the shows kept coming, one opportunity after the next, one show at a time as he honed his skill, measuring what would entertain the particular audience the most and giving them the laughs they came for.

Marcellino “Moose” Hill has performed in New York (Broadway comedy club, Greenwich Village), in New Hampshire, Vermont, in Massachusetts (two weekends ago at Kelly’s in Chicopee) and in Connecticut (last weekend in New Milford).

And in New Britain, his hometown, once a month he hosts a comedy show at Roma Bar and Restaurant. Today, this Saturday, 6/6/2015 with be the 9th month in a row for this comedy series and will boast the talents of K’Rina Fort,  AJ Strange Brew, Steve Vecchiarelli, Dale Cover, Rafi Gonzalez and Mike Babalato. He always keeps a small spot for walk-ins who may have talent because he remembers, “That’s what they did for me.’

It’s a comedy show called “LAUGH WITH US” and it’s based off of his grandmothers’ recommendation he received so many years before, to make laughter a community event.  Laughter can bring everyone together as it has for Marcellino “Moose” Hill in New Britain, Connecticut.

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