Dr. Strange Advance Preview

My daughter and I saw an advance 15minute preview  of Dr. Strange movie at the AMC theater IMAX in Plainview. It was an event I saw on facebook, signed up for it and it was easy to attend it.

The theater was not full but an IMAX theater is huge so take that with a grain of salt.

We both enjoyed the experience and will be seeing the movie when it comes out.  I point this out because although I would probably see it when it came out, it wouldn’t be a shoo-in to expect my daughter to have an interest in it before the preview.

My daughter states, “I thought it was more original most Marvel movies because it had to do with the mind and spirit instead of physical circumstances”.

If the choice were hers, she’ll see the movie in IMAX. She did not particularly notice the 3D effect, but I did. I thought it was well done. I enjoyed scenes of the city (New York) and other cityscapes and yes, the trippy world during the astral projection was quite an experience to see.

We saw basically an extended 15 minute trailer. It gives some major plotpoints of the movie but nothing that was a major spoiler=nothing that wouldn’t have already been known if one had watched other trailers.

Yes Benedict Cumberbatch looks exactly the way you want Dr. Strange to look. I’m only surprised this is coming out JUST after Halloween because this seems like a great Halloween movie.


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