Radio Show

Episode 31: Ralph Nader (Part 1)

On September 7th,. 2017 I visited the American Museum of Tort Law which is located 654 Main Street in Winsted, Connecticut. The museum is a singularly impressive and engaging treasure not just of northwest Connecticut but a treasure of our country for it is the only museum of its kind in the world. The artwork in the exhibits that illustrate many concepts and cases relevant to the mission of the museum were created by well known and highly regarded artists including the Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist Politico’s Matt Wuerker.  While at the museum I enjoyed the privilege of interviewing Ralph Nader and Claire Nader about a wide range of topics which will be the subject of a substantive article or series of articles I plan to offer for publication in 2018.  The intention at the outset of the interview was not specifically to record the interview for a show but to preserve a completely accurate document of the answers to my questions. however the opportunity presented itself and with the permission of my guests, I am providing to the Nutmeg Chatter listeners this program. Because of the nature of how I conducted the interview, I have edited this particular show to have a cohesive structure for the enjoyment of the listening audience. Therefore this Nutmeg Chatter interview will focus on Ralph Nader’s portion of the discussion so it is billed as an interview with him. I look forward to sharing more of the interview of both of my guests with the listeners in the near future for I identified at least 9 individual topics that could serve as launching pads into an entertaining and informative programs.



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