Torrington Stories

Episode 68: Marilyn Olsen


Marilyn Olsen is an actor who performs regularly with the theater group The Lipstick Project which promotes women in the arts and expands awareness of women’s issues. Their mission is to “create and promote Art by women, for the empowerment of women, and the enlightenment of all” Olsen has performed as Gertrude in Hamlet, Leonidas in Much Ado About Nothing and will be performing as Watson #2 in the upcoming Hound of the Baskervilles which will be performed at the Carriage House Arts Center in Norwalk, CT March 2-10th.  


So we hope you enjoy our chat with Marilyn Olsen here on Nutmeg Chatter.



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  1. Love Marilyn Olsen, I have been privileged to work with her for many years, in the medical field, and during this time have seen a handful of her plays and musicals. I am so inspired by her ability to work as hard as she does caring for her patients, yet still having the time and energy to go after her dreams and also continue to as she says break gender norms and make no apologies for it. I can’t wait to see a lipstick project production. Hopefully soon.

  2. Marilyn represents the strength women of today’s world exhibit in life. She is passionate in her cause and carries that passion with a sense of great responsibility. She is a gift to the world of talent. How lucky for us that she chooses to share her gift with all. Bravo Marilyn!

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