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Rich Cyr and Phil Hall: New Hosts of Nutmeg Chatter!

Rich Cyr and Phil Hall are the new hosts of Nutmeg Chatter!


Rich Cyr is an author, actor, stand-up comedian, public speaker and host of The Claw’s Corner. Cyr will now take over half the hosting duties on Nutmeg Chatter with Nutmeg Chatter: The Claw’s Corner Editions! (perhaps The Claw’s Chatter?!)  The first interview in this format was with author D. H. Robbins and there are many more interviews to come!

cyr 3

Phil Hall is an author, actor, journalist and host of The Online Movie Show podcast. Hall’s upcoming interviews include Eddie “Tranzcendent” Martinez, Scott Johnson & Chase Hutchison of the Mack Talks and more.


hall 3

J. Timothy Quirk will be behind the scenes, helping to produce the show and fill an advisory role as Nutmeg Chatter embarks on an exciting new direction!

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