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Nutmeg Ballet’s Magical Nutcracker at the Warner

“The beauty and pageantry of The Nutmeg Ballet’s Nutcracker is enchanting and magical, a feast for the eyes and the imagination. “

Nutmeg 4 marquee


The dazzling lights of the Warner Theatre marquee lit up downtown Torrington on Friday night to match the extraordinary talent that shined on stage during the final dress rehearsal of The Nutmeg Ballet’s Nutcracker, the 50th Anniversary Celebration Year.  The Warner Theatre is one of the great cathedrals to the performing arts, an art deco architectural triumph with its golden leaf walls and ornate ceiling featuring the grand star inspired center.  When the audience crosses the threshold from the foyer into theater, the ambiance stirs the soul. We are told without words that something truly special will be unveiled before us and indeed, the dancers exceed every expectation, building a story rich in wonder with glorious new costumes and set pieces befitting a golden jubilee year for the Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts.

On the night of the rehearsal, Ballet Master Tim Melady gathered the Nutmeg Dancers on stage and guests at the center of the seating area and then Victoria Mazzarelli, the Artistic Director of the Nutmeg, welcomed one and all to the evening’s festivities. As a premier former student and gold medal award winner at the NY International Ballet Festival, there is no one who knows how a dancer feels before their performance more than she and Mazzarelli talked to her young charges, knowing how hard they all worked to hone their skills and master the techniques and artistry that they bring to the show.

A special moment during the evening occurred when Founder and Executive Director Sharon Dante awarded Torrington Downtown Partner’s Steven Temkin the prestigious honor of the first key to Nutmeg Ballet.

Nutmeg 3 tempkin key

Founder/Executive Director of the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory Sharon Dante awards Steven Temkin the first “Key to the Nutmeg”

Joan Kunsch, the Associate Artistic Director of the Nutmeg, who earlier in the evening had been greeted enthusiastically from her students on stage, shared her greetings and best wishes for the event.  Before the evening’s main attraction commenced, Mayor Elinor Carbone was invited to give a toast for the occasion and she recalled how new residents of the city had chosen their new home in some part due to fond memories of the Nutmeg’s Nutcracker at the Warner and that for her, this is how her season begins. The invited guests took their seats in anticipation of the performance.

Nutmeg 2 mayor toast

Mayor Carbone offers a toast in celebration of the Nutmeg Ballet Nutcracker during their 50th anniversary year

The Nutcracker opens with a Christmas party and it is the clearest depiction on stage of the embodiment of “Christmas joy” one could possibly imagine. Every little detail on stage is a treasure to be cherished, as if those moments were presents to be opened just for you if you catch them. The youngest party guest has moments of impish delight with the Grandmother, two maids sneak a toast while the older partiers are occupied, and Thomas Evertz’s Dr. Drosselmeyer warms by the fireplace before disappearing into a Christmas package.

There are generations who know Evertz as the definitive Dr. Drosselmeyer, a role he owns with assuredness and delight. Drosselmeyer is like a benevolent Loki, the instigator of the evening’s magical journey. To be clear, I know the Nutcracker, I have seen it performed including the Nutmeg’s Nutcracker and still, when Evertz dramatically raises his cape and then releases it, stepping it away to reveal the tall figure of the Nutcracker, I was still surprised and awed.

The new costumes of the mice and the Mouse King are superb and the set design by Roger LaVoie is awe inspiring and a wonder to behold.  When snow falls during a full moon evening during the “Land of Snow” scene, we are transported magically to where the dream of a Snow Queen and fairies takes physical form.

Nutmeg 1a

The Nutmeg Ballet’s Nutcracker is a professional production in every sense of the word and every moment on stage is like a living, breathing painting come to life, a poetic vision that is not to be missed especially during 50th anniversary year of the Conservatory. The beauty and pageantry of The Nutmeg Ballet’s Nutcracker is enchanting and magical, a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

The 50th celebratory year features a fresh and exciting take on the classic tale and there are only three opportunities to experience  it at the Warner: this weekend only, Saturday December 7th at 2pm, Saturday December 7th at 7pm and Sunday December 8th at 2pm. More information about tickets can be found at

The show moves to The Bushnell in Hartford, CT next weekend, Dec. 14 and 15, 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Tickets are available through



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