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Episode 186: In Search of Atoll K

On this week’s episode, Phil Hall is joined by film historian Geno Cuddy in a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Laurel & Hardy’s final film, the bizarre 1951 French-lensed political satire “Atoll K.”

The episode can be heard here.

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  1. Always a curious film for the devotees of Laurel and hardy. So many are horrified by this film and avoid it. due to the team’s appearance, illness etc. The production suffered terribly from the aforementioned language barriers etc..the point of this writing, is that ironically, it really isn’t that bad! The Stan and Ollie sequences are vintage in their manner and personalities…(missing in many of the Fox and MGM post Roach productions). The story line is intriguing. had this been a more standard production and had the health of the team been less impacted, this might very well have invigorated their film possibilities…and their American film decline might well have been slowed or even reversed. A bit poignant to me.
    Brad Shepard

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