About Nutmeg Chatter

Updated as of 7/30/2016

Editor in Chief: J. Timothy Quirk

Nutmeg Chatter is an arts/culture news site created by Editor in Chief, J. Timothy Quirk.  Launching in a new format on 1/1/2015, Nutmeg Chatter celebrates the exciting world of arts/culture in West/Northwest Connecticut.
J. Timothy Quirk is well suited for the task of documenting arts/culture in Connecticut. As a cartoonist, his comic strips are printed daily in  New York and Connecticut, his articles have appeared in the Register Citizen and has been honored to be named an “Artistic Ambassador” for many cultural institutions in the area (most recently the Backyard Theater Ensemble and the Goshen Players)

Have an arts/culture event in West by Northwest Connecticut? Email: nutmegchatter@gmail.com

The premise of this site began with this video posted 1/1/2014:

The new golden age of arts and culture in northwest Connecticut is here and we will share in this journey together.

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  1. My tenth idea would be to patronize local shops rather than huge corporation-run big box stores. You can find everything from fresh, local produce and artisan food products to toys to clothing to furniture, right in your local shops. Don’t help the big corporations; help your neighborhood by buying local. It really works!

    • Nutmeg isn’t really specific to Winsted, The term “nutmeg” comes from the state of Connecticut’s unofficial nickname “The Nutmeg State”. If you see the term “nutmeg” associated with something whether it’s a bank (like Nutmeg State bank, ballet company (Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory), etc the term Nutmeg is being used to identify Connecticut. Winsted, or at least this particular Winsted I wrote about, happens to be in Connecticut.

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