Torrington Stories

A Call to Action

This is the golden age of arts and culture in northwest Connecticut. Decades from now, they will write about our time, about this year. This is the year you become an actor/actress, create stage design, produce or direct.  This is the year you begin to draw, to paint. you begin to write your short story, your novel. You begin to perform your music at music venues.  You become a patron of the arts. You become the reason why we are in the golden age of arts/culture in northswest Connecticut.  You think in terms of history. 2014 is the beginning year.  In 2015 you will perfect your work. And in 2016 you will achieve the success you want to achieve. You may have already started on this journey. But this is a new year. And you will need the community to help you. You can BE that community too.

You can complete this list in the upcoming year. 

1) See a show at the Warner Theatre

2) See a show from the Nutmeg Conservatory

3) Visit the Torrington Historical Society

4) See a show at the Desultory Theatre

5) See an event/artshow by the Artwell Gallery

6) Buy Art/Music from a local musician

7) Go to a Five Points Gallery Artists Talk

8) Contribute constructively to an online forum

9) Get a library card, use it often

10) What’s the tenth idea? It’s your personal one. Make it a good one. Share your idea in a comment or online for others to learn from.

The Golden Age Begins 2014

Let’s Get Started.

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