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Connecticut’s Voice and Connecticut’s Choice: Tracy Walton


He had a guitar in his hand by the age of ten and for decades thereafter, Tracy Walton rocked the east coast with his own brand of musical discovery, inspiring a generation of New England musicians along the journey. His demeanor hearkens back to the rebellious Johnny Cash with the blue collar northern roots of Bruce Springsteen. But he’s his own person through and through and by traveling the long road to maintain his independence and vision, Tracy Walton has become the hard working New Englander’s musical champion.


Born and raised in northwest Connecticut, he graduated from Torrington High school and performed locally before expanding his influence beyond the nutmeg state. Walton clearly has fun when he’s on stage but don’t let that fool you, he’s serious about his music. At a young age he tracked down Dave Santoro to learn jazz and he accepted a scholarship to study jazz at the Hartford Conservatory. Later he joined the faculty of the National Guitar Workshop and Kent School and played with legends like Dave Bombeck.


Walton’s album “IF I Ever Get Away” holds a treasure-trove of musical treats for the listener. “Beer is now cheaper than gas” is a fun and raucous bar song which holds a more serious acknowledgment of stress in difficult financial times. The song “Walls” presents a powerful testament of love in the form of a rock anthem. And by far one of his best known and most beloved songs from a solo album is “Songs for You” which is both personal and captivating and sung from the heart.


In more recent news, Tracy Walton has been nominated this year for “Best Male Performer of the Year” by the New England Music Awards. Walton is one of five nominees and he’s the only one from Connecticut. Tracy has given a lot to his home state. He’s given of his time and energy, donated performance time to benefit worthy causes in the state. Winning such an award would be well deserved recognition that a young man from the northwest Connecticut can learn his craft, pay his dues, perfect his message and make a lasting stamp in our cultural landscape.


It’s important to take the time to support this musician at this time. Visit and vote for Tracy Walton. Voting is free. It takes less than a minute. And it gives back to our community as well. It supports a deserving musician in our state and should he win, the win would reflect well upon our state.


For more information about Tracy Walton, please visit his website And like his fb page


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