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There is magic in experiencing music performed live, for when the audience connects with the performers, the synergy creates something new and wonderful and unique.  As I stood in the back of the room documenting the rehearsal of the Torrington Symphony Orchestra, I stopped and listened to Jeannine Gallmeyer belt out “Adelaide’s Lament” to it’s raucous conclusion and then I, along with all those in attendance including the Symphony itself, erupted in spontaneous applause in acknowledgment of the  superb performance we had witnessed. Realizing that such energy could occur simply in the rehearsal, I knew the  Torrington Symphony’s Concert at Cornucopia on 3/8/2014 at 8pm would be a smash provided the community knew of the event and knew what wonders to expect!

They should expect symphonic excellence, an amazing solo vocal performance, a world premiere of a masterful composition, an important cultural event and an all around fun show to experience.

Close your eyes and picture in your mind that first time when you saw the giant Brachiosaurus in the movie Jurassic Park. Though the moment may have changed from our memories when we see the decade old film today on our tablets or phones, when the theme to the movie is played by the Torrington Symphony, that feeling of awe fills  the room and our hearts with every note. The “movie magic” still thrives in the beats of a full orchestra and the compositions of John Williams as envisioned by conductor Maurice  Steinberg.  The Torrington Symphony will perform some of William’s greatest works which the audience will recognize and love.

This Saturday will see the premiere of composer Karl Gallmeyer’s masterwork, Western Suite, a musical journey that recalls the majesty of the exploring the .old west on the wagon trail.  Gallmeyer fashioned the piece from the inspiration of his own experiences when he toured the country with a theater company from Greenwich Village.   This world premiere puts this symphony’s concert on the map in the realm of important cultural events within northwest Connecticut.

The musicians worked late into the night during rehearsal, perfecting their contributions with the determination of true artists.  I was impressed with their talent and professionalism.

If you have not gone to a symphony concert in a long time, if at all, now is the time to create that moment. A Pops concert featuring the work of John Williams is without equal and all of the other layers to the show will make the event that much more meaningful and fun. Most importantly this music is meant to be experienced in the community atmosphere where friends and neighbors gather together to bear witness and be uplifted by the magic that can only be created through live music.  Be a part of it!

Cornucopia Banquet Hall

371 Pinewoods Road, Torrington CT

Advance Tickets $20.00, $22.00 At Door

Cash Bar & Snacks available for purchase

For Reservations Please Call (860) 489-9183


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