Torrington Stories

The Torrington Symphony, A Night to Remember

(Guest post by Carole Zublena Campbell)

Last night was my birthday, and I was so happy to spend it with an organization near and dear to my heart, The Torrington Symphony Orchestra. The symphony played to an excited and wonderfully receptive audience. Under the brilliant direction of our conductor, Maurice Steinberg , the symphony played the work of John Williams.


Familiar tunes from Star Wars, Superman, and Harry Potter were enjoyed by listeners of all ages. My personal favorite, Jurassic Park, was saved for the end and just hearing the music prompted images of dinosaurs to flash before my eyes! Our singer for the evening Jeannine Gallmeyer took the stage several times during the evening. Her first appearance drew us all in as she sang about her experience as Miss Hannigan from the musical “Annie” with the song “Little Girls.” Her rendition was flawless and the audience was giggling in parts and gave a big round of applause as she ended. This formed the theme for all of her appearances. The audience clearly loved her, as did I! Her equally talented husband Karl Gallmeyer premiered his piece, “Western Suite”, with our symphony last evening. This piece was so beautifully written and orchestrated, and the orchestra sounded amazing playing it! The audience enjoyed this new work and cheered when it was over. One of my personal favorite moments of this pops concert however, was when we got to the winner of the guest conductor. As part of our drawing, the very last, and most important prize, is that of Guest Conductor. This very lucky person gets to come to the podium and actually conduct the symphony for a song! This year the winner was a new mother and she and her baby conducted the piece together!

It was absolutely beautiful and the entire audience cheered them on as they conducted. I would say it was by far, the most special guest conducting moment we have ever had. Overall, I enjoyed this concert from start to finish, and not just because it was my birthday! The music selection was perfect, it was played wonderfully, conducted brilliantly, and our guest singer and composer were both amazing! I am really looking forward to our May 3rd concert at the Nancy Marine Studio Theatre. It is going to be a children’s themed concert and promises to be a great event! Tickets are already on sale at the Warner Theatre box office, 860-489-7180. I hope to see you there!

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