To Act or Not to Act: Part Two-The DIE IS CAST

Through Nutmeg Chatter I hope to share what it’s like to participate in a local theatrical production as an actor.  This is Part Two.

(c)2014 Quirk

(c)2014 Quirk

I received word via FB message to contact the director as my handwritten phone number could be interpreted to include any number of iterations of my actual phone number. So my recommendation on this process moving forward is, if you want a call back after an audition, always make sure your contact info is LEGIBLE!  Well I called and was offered the role of JUROR #1: The Foreman!

Now if you’ve read the prior missive, I was auditioning for the part of the old man. Perhaps my youthful vigor and charm took me out of contention for the role or, perhaps, I punted the lines. Either way, I failed to mention in the account of the audition that the first role the director actually asked me to read for WAS the foreman, and I read for it well, conversationally and with a hint of authority as befitting a foreman.

The director, Conrad Sienkiewicz, shared his vision for the production and for his role as director.  Conrad is a man of many talents, from acting and directing to creating works of poetry; he was last seen on stage this summer in a production of Peter Pan. His most recent poem, a haiku, was posted today

“It seems so unfair
sleeper at the window seat
flaneur on the aisle”

art (c)2014 quirk  poem   (c) 2014 by Conrad Sienkiewicz

art (c)2014 quirk       poem (c) 2014 by Conrad Sienkiewicz

So I’m looking forward to working with this creative gentleman within a Goshen Players production. Creating a theatrical work in Goshen will be magical because the location provides an intimate venue, the stage is raised and there’s a balcony area so there’s a certain majesty in the former town hall but there’s also a closeness in the seating, a cozy feeling  with no need for microphones  so our voices will resonate throughout the hall. I look forward to the rehearsals there.  The first rehearsal will be next week and I intend on “rocking” the role, not musically but metaphorically and I look forward to sharing how that goes at that time!

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    • Thank you Carrie! I’m looking forward to the journey (and I’m glad my exploration of what it’s like to be a part of a theatrical production in CT didn’t end at the audition stage! 🙂

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