To Act or Not to Act: Part Three-The surprise

Through Nutmeg Chatter I hope to share what it’s like to participate in a local theatrical production as an actor. This is a surprise Part Three


Box office at the Warner (c) 2014 quirk

Will the box office run wild at the prospect of J. Timothy Quirk acting at the Warner? Chances are, unless the laws of physics have suddenly and miraculously changed, the box office as a fixed object will undoubtedly stay exactly where it is, right in front of the Warner Theatre BUT the concept still applies for as of today, 10/8/2014 at 8:30pm I’m officially on the roster, cast in an ensemble piece in the Artists and Playwrights Festival which will be held at the Nancy Marine Studio.

Every opportunity is an opportunity to another opportunity.

Hot on the heels of directing the wildly popular Reefer Madness, the director Keith Paul will be directing a short comedic piece at the Warner for the festival.  I have no problems riding on his coattails here.  Admittedly the part may have only 20 or so lines in this overall ensemble work but I like ALL of them -they’re all something I would actually say.  The rehearsal won’t conflict with the rehearsals for the 12 ANGRY JURORS

The Festival will be at the Warner Theatre on  October 19th (a Sunday). Come and enjoy the show! (more soon!)


quirk at the warner

enhanced photo (c)2014 quirk-yes the photo is of the main marquee but the show will be at the Nancy Marine Studio! 

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