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(c)2014 jay roberts

(c)2014 jay roberts

Tonight Torrington was abuzz with activity in downtown. The Five Points Arts Gallery opened a new exhibition. At the Warner Main stage, a viewing of The Shining was a perfect selection for a classic movie for October, the Halloween month.  At the Nancy Marine Studio the International Playwright Festival was underway. And throughout downtown the arts studios were open for the curious to visit and learn something more about the artwork made or sold there.

The kids and I stopped by Performance Hub. There was no show -the big event had been the Tracy Walton/Julia Ford show from the night before. Still the Roberts had their doors open for the curious to visit, to go on stage and take a photo, so that happened for us too.

Across the street we visited S&S Sweet Treats. There was a lovely couple visiting Torrington from out of town and apparently, it was difficult for them to find a hotel room in Torrington for the night! This tells us quite a lot.   The kids enjoyed a small scoop of ice cream and my son “helped” me by “sharing” mine once his had been devoured.


Dennis Bialek’s studio in Torington (c)2014 quirk


We explored the new arts studios on Main Street across from O’Connors. We waived hello to Dennis Bialek and stopped in to see Karen Rossi’s studio. Then we strolled the downtown streets, waving  to our friend at the Dance Shop at the Nutmeg” before wandering  under the lights of the Warner marquee as we made our way to the car. There was a full class going at The Arts Desire so we didn’t go in to take advantage of the 60% off arts supplies sale; that would have to wait for another evening.

Did you go out into wonderful city tonight and see a gallery or a show?   If you didn’t, well tomorrow night is another opportunity, and I highly encourage you to take advantage of it and explore.

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