Celebration and Send Off


Performance Hub (c)2014 quirk

Julia Autumn Ford and Tracy Walton kicked off their east coast tour at Performance Hub in Torrington, Connecticut. After playing their music for a television audience during the past two weeks (Ford separately on Ann Nyberg’s NYBERG show and Channel 8’s CT Style and then Walton and Ford together on Better Connecticut) the live concert experience was a chance for the local community to send them off in celebration. The hosts of the event, Kris and Jay Roberts of Performance Hub, shared the story of how the Performance Hub offered instructional opportunities for musicians and Julia Autumn Ford attended on a night that might have been cancelled due to the weather. The drive to excel and commitment to her musicianship that was evident that night was what brought Ford to the place where she was last night, singing to a nearly full house with a newly released EP and a concert tour.


Julia Autumn Ford (c)2014 quirk

Julia Autumn Ford began her set with “It’s Not Me, It’s You” followed by her signature song “Don’t Give Up on Me”, both crowd pleasing tracks from her self-titled EP. During the set she took chances, exploring a cover version mash-up of two modern standards that worked very well and a new song she had recently written. She closed the set with “GOODBYE” a song with strong commercial appeal for a radio audience.

During the intermission, all in attendance were invited to share some cake from First Act Bakery that was brought out in celebration of Ford’s recent birthday.

Walton/Nicosa (c)2014 quirk

Walton/Nicosa (c)2014 quirk

Tracy Walton was joined on stage by Mic Nicosa on drums and they tore through renditions of “They Say You Can Never Go Home”, “Shake the Blues” and Walls” with fervor. Walton was compared to Johnny Cash, Elvis and Bruce Springsteen, something that was evident during the concert much to the pleasure of the crowd.  Changing tempo, Walton sang some of his solo hits including the distinctive favorite “Songs for You”.  Walton played two news songs including one inspired by the Desultory Theatre Club’s last show at the Morrison Building which for me was my favorite of his set.

Walton and Ford now travel to Glastonbury tonight before heading south to Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida.

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