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2015 Begins Big for Barrios

(c) 2014 Rich Freeda Photography -submitted with permission

2014 was a year like no other for singer/songwriter Sarah Barrios. Emerging from the supportive community of northwest Connecticut, her music skyrocketed into the New England music scene.  Barrios begins 2015 with exciting news that promises to bring her positive musical messages to an even wider audience.

Sarah Barrios’s musical career is a story is still being written but it is one that has started off strong. Prior to 2014, Sarah showcased her talent on youtube videos, sharing her cover versions of Justin Bieber, One Direction and Stevie Wonder (among others) before creating her own original song “Don’t Look Back” which brought with it a personal message of  “Be You, Be Different and Who Cares about the Rest?” Soon she began performing in venues like Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT, and built a following. In January of 2014, Sarah was nominated in the Best New Act category for the New England Music awards. After winning in that category at the February award ceremony in Lowell, Massachusetts, the momentum kicked into high gear. Her influence expanded from the northwest corner of Connecticut as she performed in Massachusetts, southern Connecticut and New York. With the help of a crowd-funding platform, her original self titled EP was produced and released by Tracy Walton at On Deck Sound Studios.  Sarah was featured on local television and radio programs and in a myriad of news articles. By the end of the year Sarah included tour dates in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City.

Sarah begins 2015 with the big news that she has been nominated AGAIN in the New England Music Awards for this new year, now in the category of BEST FEMALE PERFORMER!  FIND THE LINK TO VOTE FROM HERE! Not only is Sarah nominated, she has been invited to perform at the award ceremony which will be televised.

It is also announced that in 2015 Sarah will be performing in Orlando, Houston and Toronto, setting the stage for Barrios to become a truly national and international musical artist.

We sat down with Sarah for a discussion.

(c) 2014 Maia Stern -photo submitted with permission

(c) 2014 Maia Stern -photo submitted with permission

Q: Your 2014 has been an amazing journey by winning a New England Music award, touring throughout the northeast and releasing a debut EP. Given your news today, it seems your 2015 is already off to an amazing start. What is the one thing you’ve learned most about yourself during the past year?

SB: Thank you! I don’t know if I can pinpoint just one thing, as I am a forever changing human being, but I think the biggest thing for me is just that I found my voice. Over the past year I’ve figured out who I want to be as an artist and what style of music I want to create and I think just that piece overall has helped tremendously. I finally feel like me.

Q:  Your first EP features three engaging original songs. With so many tour dates recently, have you had time to work on new material and if so, when will your fans have the opportunity to hear them?

SB:  Being on tour definitely limits the time I have to really sit down and write a song, but being someone who constantly has ideas flowing through her mind, I have had time to work on some new material and also work with a few people who are helping me to create the sound that I’ve been hearing in my head for so long! I’m excited to hopefully have the fans hear some new live tunes in this next year.

Q: What’s your message to your young fans that dream of making music and want to follow in the footsteps you’re making?

SB:  I’ve been saying this since day one, but always be yourself. There’s already a Beyonce and a Katy Perry, but there’s no one on this earth that is exactly like you. Be proud of that. You’re unique just by being you. And always make decisions for yourself. Try not to be so focused on writing songs that will please everyone because there will always be one person who doesn’t like it. It’s important to write and create the music that you feel in your heart and soul, that way when you share it with the world, they know that it is 100% you.


Sarah’s EP can be found on itunes and on Amazon

For more information go to and like her page on facebook

To vote for Sarah in the New England Music Awards, go here !


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