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Amber Maida and the Torrington Arts Walk

amber m

Torrington’s Arts Walk is a relatively new initiative created by Karen Rossi of Karen Rossi Studios with the assistance  of artists and business owners Dennis Bialek of Stepping Stones Art Studio and Dawn Hill of Dawn Hill Designs. Nutmeg Chatter wrote about the Arts Walk first on January 1st, 2015 (HERE).

This month’s Arts Walk is exceptional. In addition to the aforementioned artists, the Walk will feature Doreen Breen’s Soul Threads at Karen Rossi Studio, the Noelke Gallery (note: Nutmeg Chatter will be shining a spotlight on the Noelke Gallery next week! Go to the Noelke Gallery during the Arts Walk and discover it for yourself!) and within the Stepping Stones Art Studio itself, the featured artist will be Amber Maida who will be opening her first CT exhibit since her return from California.

Maida’s contemporary mixed media artwork is breathtaking, textural and profound. The use of re-purposed materials showcase a deeper meaning to her work. In her artist’s statement she describes it this way: “The ability to be broken and victorious all within the same breath has been a thoughtful point of reference for me. Ultimately I let myself be open to my intuition and connected to the spirit so that the work can reveal itself without a forced hand.”  This exhibit is best seen in person. Get up close to the paintings to see the lines and cracks where the artist has used time itself as a force in the art.

Both Maida and Bialek were guests of Jacque William’s “Feel Good Show” on WAPJ this past Wednesday.  There will be an artist’s talk scheduled for 3/1/2015 at 2pm the Stepping Stones Studio and more details will be forthcoming.


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