SOW: A Review of Meredith Rose’s EP


Artwork by David Wanik, Meredith Rose, and Aaron Tanner

From the hills of eastern Connecticut to the shores of Australia, Meredith Rose is sowing the seeds of her musical talent. With a new EP entitled SOW being released on February 14th, Rose has traveled extensively from her home in the Storrs area of the nutmeg state to promote her work and on Wednesday she visited the studios of WAPJ in Torrington to discuss her music on the Homegrown Show with Jay Roberts of Performance Hub.
SOW features 4 quality songs curated by Rose herself who culled through her expansive repertoire of original work to craft a cohesive, well structured EP. All of the songs are catchy and the second track FREE in particular should get some airplay on traditional radio. It may be that one’s favorite song on the album could entirely depend on the perspective the listener brings with them at the moment they hear it.
meredith rose 5 blue singing
 “I Will Fall” was the first song Rose penned to completion so it is fitting it is the first song on the album. The beat and harmonies are infectious and it’s a perfect introduction to the artist. There are multiple influences here, part indie-pop, part Americana. The song feels like Spring, the beginning of something new.
FREE”  as previously mentioned might be considered a “single” on the album. If the first song was SPRING, FREE is definitely SUMMER. An early release video of the song features Rose at the beach and it’s happy even when the words say that sometimes it is “hard to be free”.
“Let Me” is a ballad. There is a longing in the melody as she sings, “Flooded, but I am learning to swim Desperate to find a way in”. Lyrically the song could be understood in multiple contexts during many points of time in a relationship but musically, this is the autumn of the album, a hope of a harvest for a love that is sown.
Fittingly, the album closes with the song “The End“.  I absolutely love the production here. The background harmonies build and accentuate the vocals as Rose cries, “This time, Things will be different, things will be different”
As with any winter, there is a end but always the promise of a Spring on the horizon.
meredith rose wapj 4
Multiple Emmy Award winner Jim Chapdelaine produced the recording with Rose and the professionalism is self evident. The crescendo of “Let Me”, the backing tracks of “The End”, the happiness found in the beats of “Free” and “I Will Fall” never eclipse the strongest element of the album which is Meredith Rose’s vocals and point of view.

The album can be found here on AMAZON (preorder until 2/14/2015.

Meredith Rose can be found on her official MEREDITH ROSE WEBSITE.
She can be found on the official MEREDITH ROSE FACEBOOK

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