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My Mother Threw Mine Away: Pop Culture in Torrington


Comic book and collectible stores are a rare find in most communities, as rare as some of the collectibles they sell but “My Mother Threw Mine Away” comic book store is thriving in Torrington. Jack Delaney is owner and proprietor of the store and he says that the name has a deep meaning for many customers. “When we decided we were going to open up a comic book store, so many people came up to us and said ‘My Mother Threw Mine Away’ and we heard that so many times that we thought that would be a great name for a store.”

Delaney has been selling comic books since 1981. The initial store was located on Main Street just south of their current location on the other side of Calhoun. They moved locations numerous times over the years including trying a space in Watertown before coming back to Torrington and finding a home at their current spot at 644 Main Street.

The art and culture of comic books is enjoying a recent surge of interest and demand in the wake of the blockbuster movies and television shows based on the books and this is helping to make My Mother Threw Mine Away thrive in Torrington, Connecticut. There is a clear number one best seller for the store. “Without a doubt, Walking Dead,” says Delaney. He adds that with the advent of the Guardian of the Galaxy movie, the Rocket Raccoon comic is now extremely popular. He finds customers are now finding out what movies are in the pipeline and then buying the comic books in advance of the movies.

The store boasts having a quarter of a million comic books in inventory and this is why customers and collectors visit Torrington from all across the region. One of their most precious comics is not physically in the store at this time: Amazing Spiderman #1 is currently being graded and then it will be put up for auction (online).

For more information on My Mother Threw Mine Away, visit their facebook page HERE.



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