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Nutmeg Chatter Spotlight: 04012015

spotlight quirkJ Timothy Quirk is about to embark on his “Ticket Money Not Refundable” one man  comedy tour, where he states on all the promotional material that laughter during the show is not guaranteed and even small chuckling might just be accidental. The main portion of Quirk’s act is his reading of his own resume as he concedes the concept is really a veiled attempt at scoring an “accounts receivable” position if he can get some hiring managers in the audience. Quirk hopes there will be other forms of entertainment during the performance nights as well.  “You’ll hear music if you go to the show,” says Quirk. “if the elevators in the venues provide light music. Otherwise there will be a lot of silence for quiet reflection. We need that as a society.”

He will be kicking off the tour in Delaware, the first state in the Union, which he chose for practical purposes.  “It’s a small state,” explains Quirk. “I’ve talked to everyone there individually and they’re fine with me visiting.”

For more information check back on Nutmeg Chatter every April 1st , which some call April Fool’s Day, though we wouldn’t, ever; we promise.



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    • Don’t worry, Carrie I’ll be playing a lot of libraries on the tour but for PR purposes we’ve changed the title of those shows to simply “Storytime”.

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