Nutmeg Chatter Spotlight: 04/02/2015

spotlight BTE 1An entire team  will work for months to create the intriguing dramatic productions that the discerning theatergoer will enjoy and this is exactly the case of BELLEVILLE, the Backyard Theater Ensemble’s show which begins this weekend.   Depicted above, director Marydell Merill provides notes after rehearsal to actors Kailee Donovan, Chet Ostroski, DaJavon Davis and Ashley McBride.  Meanwhile upstage, Taylor Crofton and Tina Parziale, reset the props and set as Chris Petrucci (seated in the foreground) waits his turn to share his notes.   Stage Manager Liza McMahon (not depicted) reviews the lights and the sound.

Belleville will run 4/2 through 4/12.

Get ready to read the review THURSDAY in the Register Citizen!

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