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Screamin’ Eagle Band: The Real Deal


Screamin’ Eagle Band (c) 2015 Pamela Balkus


You are going to know their name.

In the next few years, whether you love rock and roll or not, you are absolutely going to know the Screamin’ Eagle Band.

Because when the success of the Screamin Eagle Band is finally written, when national music and entertainment magazines cover and discuss their work, when you turn on the tv and you see them performing a venue, you’ll know that the right group of musicians got together at the right time with a shared goal and a shared willingness to sacrifice. The key word you’ll hear is hunger. Like members in a garage band half their age, they need this, they work for it and nothing but success will satisfy that hunger.


Timothy Britt (c) 2015 Pamela Balkus


They have passion and enormous talent but most musicians have passion and most musicians who reach a certain level have talent. But like alchemy, added to the passion and talent is the sheer force of will that is driving this train that turns concerts into celebrations, winning fans one concert at a time, one cd at a time, one song at a time.

After releasing their inaugural EP “Smokin’ With the Preacher” which boasts 3 rockin’ songs “Modern Day Outlaw”, “Smokin’ With the Preacher” and Mississippi Mud, the band hit the ground running, playing 6 shows in March, 10 shows in April and they’re booked for 10 more shows in May and more onward throughout the year. The EP was recorded at Tracy Walton’s On Deck Studio in Litchfield county, Connecticut.

In addition to their live performances, they are working steadily on the videos featuring the work of actor Ray Hyrb. Their videos will be a trilogy and they have already begun filming in Bridgeport. If that weren’t enough, they’ve started to work on additional songs for the next EP of 3 “new classics”. There will be “Open Road” which will honor the work of hardworking truck drivers, “Paying My Dues” about the band on the road and “Tailspin”, a growling, angry tune penned by Timothy Britt, Michael Turgeon J.R.Roberts and Ron Chasse. Britt sings the prelude to Tailspin and they will be using portions of the original recording because of its unique, old phonograph sound.

JR Roberts   (c) 2015 Pamela Balkus

JR Roberts (c) 2015 Pamela Balkus

The band’s formation can be traced back to Screamin’ Eagle Band founder and lead singer Michael Turgeon’s first foray into the rock scene. “I was doing some Creed songs at the time,” says Turgeon.
“I was trying to audition for bands but didn’t have experience. I didn’t know what to practice. Doors were shut in my face.” Turgeon received his big break when he was asked to do Hartford’s South End Festival with the Cleaners, a band composed of former members of the popular Sinis Gally band.  It was the first and only stage Turgeon had ever been on but the performance was enormously successful. From that point on he got the bug and he never looked back. After performing with the Green Label Band, Turgeon worked on the idea of Michael and the Screamin’ Eagle Duo before forming an entire ensemble All-star band and naming the band simply “Screamin’ Eagle Band”

In the lineup is Michael Turgeon on lead vocals, Tim Britt on Guitar and Vocals, J.R. Roberts on bass and Vocals, Dave Yarrison on guitar and vocals and Dale Quesnel on drums.


Michael Turgeon   (c) 2015 Pamela Balkus

Michael Turgeon (c) 2015 Pamela Balkus

They all have the same goal. They are performing the music they love and they are determined to succeed. The music has a southern rock style in the ballpark of Lynyrd Skynyrd or early ZZ Top. The songs on “Smokin’ With The Preacher” would be comfortable on any classic rock station if classic rock stations felt comfortable playing any music from this decade. The song itself, Smokin’ With the Preacher, is notable as it incorporates a reggae beat within the context of a southern rock song…and it works.




Dave Yarrison (c) 2015 Pamela Balkus


Screamin Eagle Band has a vision and a plan.  Like Twister Sister in the 80’s who started out playing cover songs while slowly integrating some original songs in the repertoire and then relentlessly playing clubs, working their way up, all the while taking chances and putting the money they made back into the band until they reached the success, likewise the Screamin’ Eagle Band is on that path and their hard work is gaining traction.

The Screamin’ Eagle Band is the real deal.

And you will know their name.

To listen to their music click HERE (link)

To purchase the EP from amazon click HERE (link)

To like them on facebook click HERE (link)


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