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Reconnaissance: The Poetry of Amy Nawrocki (with audio)

nutmeg chatter amyProfessor Amy Nawrocki teaches Creative Writing and English at the University of Bridgeport. Her fist collection of poems “Four Blue Eggs” won the Poetry Prize for Homebound Publications. Professor Nawrocki visited WAPJ studios in Torrington, CT to discuss her new book “RECONNAISANCE”  The first portion of the interview is below and will be aired Wednesday morning.


Amy Nawrocki’s “RECONNAISANCE” was created under the theme of “inspiration and investigation”. Nawrocki has always been drawn to the work of other artists, writers, musicians and often her poetry can be inspired by her travels and exploration of those other artists Nawrocki wanted to think about those origins of inspiration and literary inspiration is found throughout her poetry. There are references to Percy Shelly, to Lord Byron and Anais Nin” among many literary giants. There are also references to artists like Dali and Brassai and there is inspiration found from music (references to jazz and to trumpets.). A careful reader of RECONNAISSANCE will discover that there are many poems  inspired from trips to France, particularly when Nawrocki visited the Normandy Beaches and Monet’s gardens.

Here is Amy Nawrocki reading GIVERNY a poem from RECONNAISSANCE.

To find out more about Amy Nawrocki’s work, check out AMYNAWROCKI.ORG

You can find a bio and complete listing of Amy Nawrocki’s works at the University of Bridgeport page HERE.



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