Torrington Stories

Our Stories in Torrington: J Timothy Quirk’s Crayon Diary

Photo by Roberta Boe (c) 2015 R Boe

Photo by Maureen Manning

On 7/2/2015 the streets of Torrington came alive for The Torrington Arts Walk. Lovers of art, lovers of culture and lovers simply of our downtown came to visit the shops, stores and galleries in our community. I was fortunate enough to participate in the festivities because my The Crayon Diary: Our Stories is an art project that has taken on a life of its own and we celebrated an Artist Opening at Karen Rossi Studios from 4-7pm!

In case you havent’ read about it, every day I draw a portrait or picture inspired by an individual (who signed up) and the choice of media, the details in the work all help to share a unique story specifically for that person. One piece was created in an impressionist style, one was done in watercolor, one was done like a cartoon from the Farside. Here are few examples:

11 KAREN ROSSI FINAL 16 sheila 19 walk in the woods 24 debra 27 kate 29 bristol


11696461_477769592391171_1376718953975481101_o The event was written about in the Republican American newspaper and had previously been written about in the Register Citizen! So we were preparing for a great crowd!  And the event was all the more meaningful and wonderful because Puppet Master Robin McCahill was the featured artist at Karen’s studio and her puppetry and felt creation table made the event festive and fun!


The first of the Crayon Diary’s distinguished guests to arrive were Mary Bierce-Ferrari and young Noah. Noah clearly is a young man who knows how to wear a bow tie! Mary’s work was the water color and featured her with Noah taking a walk in Coe Park, Torrington (the artwork is above the young man’s head in the photo!).

In short order friends from far and wide came to visit Karen Rossi’s studio!

IMG_7431Donato D’Albis and Keith Paul arrived together which was wonderful because as I had created Donato as #15 and Keith as #17, they were together on the wall as well!


Sheila Ivan (#16) came and I love the fact she brought her camera! There she is posing (with a great sense of humor) just like the artistic rendering I created for her (which is right above her head in the photo!!!)



IMG_7437 I celebrated Deb Gluz with a Farside comic depiction including her dogs so when Deb showed up, she brought smaller version of her fun four legged pals!




I was honored to have Amy Wynn from the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council attend the opening! I created artwork to celrebate their “Open Your Eyes Studio Tour” (#25)!



Julie Stevens Basset (#4) and her husband Jim arrived and it was so great to show  them their artwork on the wall! It was interesting how when people arrived,  participants who may not know everyone else could spot and recognize their fellow participants in the project!



Rosemari Roast by Sheila Ivain

Rosemari Roast of “Walk in the Woods” (#19) enjoyed the artwork and took many of the photos I’m sharing here! THANK YOU!



Kurt Boucher by Sheila Ivain

Actor, puppeteer and singer Kurt Boucher arrived and shared that unbeknownst to me he had just been asked to attend an upcoming event dressed AS the fourth Doctor (Who)!

Graphic Designer/Artist Roberta Boe was here! I don’t have a photo of her but she took photos of ME and it;s the cover photo for this article!!! I’m also grateful Ed Cannata of “Let’s Talk Torrington” came to support the event before attending his own event “Field of Dreams” shown at the Warner Theatre! And Jay Roberts of Performance Hub showed support before attending HIS event (the enormously popular Open Mic Night!)

Karen Rossi and J. TImothy Quirk by Rosemari Roast

Karen Rossi and J. TImothy Quirk by Rosemari Roast

photo by Rosemari Roast

photo by Rosemari Roast

It almost goes without saying but I’m still happy to say that Karen Rossi (#11) was there to enjoy the festivities and the art I depicted of HER is on the wall as well!!!

I am truly thrilled to share that the ones who traveled the farthest to attend the event was the Manning family! My sister Maureen, husband Joe and the boys were there to enjoy seeing the artwork that showed the young boys as the HARDY BOYS! My sister said that when they saw the drawing of the cover, they asked “Where’s the book”!!!!

So maybe in my travels this year they can be featured in a mystery story I can create for them!!!






The Manning Family with J. TImoth Quirk (photo by Sheila Ivain)                   11017780_900763946655844_6246304665585270504_o





J. Timothy Quirk and Doreen Breen by Sheila Ivain


Doreen Breen of Nights Out on Main and Soul Threads was there and earlier, her husband Terry was there to show support!









J. Timothy Quirk, Conrad and Lydia by Rosemari Roast

J. Timothy Quirk, Conrad and Lydia by Rosemari Roast

And Conrad, Lydia and their daughter came as they enjoyed the Arts Walk festivities!

Conrad will be a subject in the July series!!!  Dawn Hill of Dawn Hill Designs came and she’ll be featured in August! And thanks to Ken and Paula Frizzo who came, they will be featured in August as well! And singer/puppeteer/actress Lana Peck will be featured in August as well! Thank you for coming and for participating!

What a wonderful festive occassion, so many ways we can make connections with each other in the community! I want to thank everyone for coming, I want to thank all of the participants for the June Our Stories series. I want to thank all those who shared their well wishes as they lived too far to the event! I want to thank Karen Rossi for opening her studio for the occassion.

If you are interested in participating in August there are limited (18) spots left which will bring the Our Stories to 92. I will definitely end the project so there is a finite number of spots for the entire project. Ending in August would mean there are 92 portraits created,  I may create an even 100 if there is demand but that would close the project. So if  you are interested, join the event on facebook HERE or send me a message at nutmegchatter AT gmail DOT com. There is no cost and purchasing the original artwork is not required but if you would like the original artwork it is only 15 dollars (for a person) 25 dollars if you’re a non-profit and 35 dollars for a for profit business. That’s it!  For more information on the project check the whole series at 


11246982_10153346842387347_6752804993018498154_o 11113376_1008568029176202_8648422241455512489_o 10915062_10153346842437347_1764119971999309393_o












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