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Cool under Przech-ure: Jeff Przech/Jay Roberts at Performance Hub

jeff przech

With a debut solo album released and concert dates throughout New England, 2015 is the year to hear Jeff Przech and this weekend our community will enjoy the best opportunity to make that happen.  Performance Hub will host a double bill featuring Jeff Przech and Jay Roberts on September 19th at 8pm and it promises to be an extraordinary show.

His fan base knows Przech’s deep soulful voice provides weight to his lyrics.  He’s a storyteller and his songs on “Sounds Like Fresh” speak to the working class America. “Clinchfield Road” would fit comfortably on Bruce Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Joad” album while “Make a Wrong Thing Right” could be rightfully played on Country 92.5 tomorrow.   You can hear his sound on his website HERE

The upcoming Performance Hub concert will be extra special as Przech will be debuting a new set list including songs from his debut album and a number of compelling new originals. Joining Przech on stage will be Slim Kalish on drums and Joe O’Brien (a Litchfield native) on upright bass. Kalish was the drummer on the “Sounds Like Fresh” album.

Performance Hub’s Jay Roberts is looking forward to the show. “In a world where so many artists are employing marketing gimmicks and studio tricks, vying for the next big spotlight in the music scene, Jeff Przech makes it abundantly clear that’s he’s here to do one thing, and that’s make great music,” says Roberts.

Przech is no stranger to Torrington; earlier this year he visited the WAPJ radio studios in Torrington to discuss music with Jacque Williams on the Feel Good Show and with Jay Roberts on the Home Grown show. Przech returned to Torrington in August and contributed his vibrant sound to the community for Fuse Fest but this upcoming concert is the first headlining concert in Torrington.

“Audiences should expect great songs delivered with passion, great camaraderie between the guys on stage, and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor on the band’s part!” says Przech.  There may be a few surprises in store as Jay Roberts and Jeff Przech have shared influences and may find opportunities to create some impromptu musical magic together.

Doors open at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10.00. Performance Hub is located 45 Main Street, Torrington, CT

For more information on Jeff Przech check out JEFFPRZECH.COM)

For more information about the concert check out THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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