Extremities: Courageous and Compelling Performance by the Backyard Theater Ensemble

bte extrem 3

Tina Parziale’s performance is nothing short of courageous.

I have seen no greater, more credible threat on stage than Frank Beaudry’s Raul.

In the small intimate theatre of the Thomaston Art Center Stage, the Backyard Theater Ensemble’s production of William Mastrosimone’s Extremities is a scary and compelling reminder that society has made little  progress in decades as it relates to violence against women.

The proximity of the seats to the realistic home on stage creates an enviroment where the audience will be forced to confront the reality of sexual assault and violence in a horrifyingly  up close and personal way.

It is unsettling.

It should be.

I can’t predict what the audience’s reaction will be because each person brings with them their own history and perceptions.  There are approximately 50 seats in the theater so I can envision a scenario where there are 50 individual and unique theatrical experiences at each show.   For me Extremities was powerful and deeply affecting and provoked emotions and internal questions at every turn.

Produced by Kailee Donovan, directed by Lucia Dressel with stage management by Ryan Wantroba, Extremities is performed with heart and conviction by Tina Parziale, Frank Beaudry, Amy Kopchik and Abby Lund.

The show will run Friday and Saturday 5/27 and 5/28 at 8pm, 5/29 at 4pm. and then Friday and Saturday 6/3 and 6/4 at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm. Tickets can be purchased at 

The full review will be found in the Register Citizen on Thursday 5/26.

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