Episode 60: The Angel and the Hustler

Robert C. Fullerton is a singer songwriter from Torrington, who has been a prior guest on our show. He is a self taught musician whose Acoustic Soul style of music incorporates everything from folk, rock/blues, jazz and even choral styles
Angela Luna is a Connecticut performer who has fronted the group “Jamie strange” and represented the state in a north by northwest festival. and most recently sang in the hip hop group Klockwise ;performing throughout the northeast.
Together Angela Luna and Robert C Fullerton have joined forces for an alluring musical duo called The Angel and the Hustler and they have performed throughout the nutmeg state. We’ll talk about their duo, their performances and sound and so much more.
So we hope you enjoy our chat with the Angel and the Hustler here on Nutmeg Chatter

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  1. Thank you, J. Timothy Quirk, for having us on Nutmeg Chatter. We thoroughly enjoyed being your guests!

    Robert C Fullerton

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