Torrington Stories

Episode 106: John Ozerhoski and A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line is one of the most celebrated musicals in Broadway history and an extraordinary production of the show produced by The Landmark Community Theatre Company will be performed at the Thomaston Opera House* from March 30th to April 14th. In today’s Nutmeg Chatter, we discuss A Chorus Line with John Ozerhoski, who portrays Zach the director within the show. This marks Ozerhoski’s return to the stage in a primary role after a five year hiatus.

We hope you enjoy our chat with John Ozerhoski discussing A Chorus Line here on Nutmeg Chatter

Listen HERE:

(note: *This Landmark Community Theatre  production of A Chorus Line is run without an intermission & contains strong language not suitable for young children)


Promotional image for Landmark Community Theatre production of A Chorus Line


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  1. What a great episode! It was such a pleasure to hear a radio icon interview another radio icon about what promises to be a stellar production. Break a leg, Johnny O in A CHORUS LINE.

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