Torrington Stories

Episode 107: Hummingbird and Friends


Bobbi Soares and Jim Stasiak, are the artists and musicians known as Hummingbird and Friends. As a musical duo, trio and quartet depending on the venue and the musical needs of the moment, Hummingbird and Friends have delighted audiences in New England under that name for over a decade but the musical experience of Soares and Stasiak has been an even longer road, for they performed in high school together and over the years they have collaborated on their special style of music which includes folk rock and blues. The sound of Hummingbird and Friends often crosses multiple genres including experimental and avant garde. Most notably their music is a part of sound healing.  Hummingbird is a symbol of taking a journey and finding the flowers that feed you. They are in our studio today, so we hope you enjoy our chat with Jim Stasiak and Bobbi Soares here on Nutmeg Chatter.





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