JULIA AUTUMN FORD: A Personal And Engaging First EP

(c)2014 Carrie Vibert

Julia Autumn Ford (c)2014 by Carrie Vibert


With the haunting opening lines “I think the scars on your arms are beautiful-it shows you made it out alive,” Julia Autumn Ford’s new self titled EP showcases the lyrical and musical talent of a young local singer-songwriter with big dreams. Under the guidance of Connecticut’s own musical visionary Tracy Walton who produces the album at his On Deck Studio, Ford has crafted an album that is both personal and engaging.  Each of the five songs provides a new color to the canvas of her story as she paints a vivid portrait of her world through her music.

“DON’T GIVE UP ON ME” is an inspiring song with an important message in the subtext to all of those who have struggled with depression.  As related in her interview with Ann Nyberg, when she was younger she was clinically depressed and hurting in serious ways but it was through music that she found a voice and this, in her own words, “saved her”.

Julia Autumn Ford by (c)2014 Carrie Vibert

Julia Autumn Ford by (c)2014 Carrie Vibert

The second song on the album, “GOODBYE” is a standout favorite and an instant classic. When I had the opportunity to experience a live version of the song at a Desultory Theatre Club concert I wrote that I liked the song better than any nationally recognized band/singer’s work on commercial radio and this studio version enhanced and justified my appreciation of it. With an infectious rhythm reminiscent of the best of Jason Mraz, an inspiration for the young singer, it’s a perfect song to listen to in a car when the roadway and weather is clear and I defy anyone not to tap their fingers against the dashboard or steering wheel.

“Diamonds in the Rough” features back-up vocals from Krizta Moon which is a treat. The song has a sadder, softer tone than others on the EP but even in this exploration she reminds her audience “Even the darkest night still ends in a sunrise”.  There is pain expressed “IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU”which is clearly real but the song is deceptively upbeat. The last track, “SURVIVE” is a fitting closing number. On the surface the lyrics describe a relationship that is ending, and yet in the title and in the subtext it is clear that with each ending there are promises of new beginnings and a brighter, happier future.

The production value added by Tracy Walton, who adds backing vocals and music as well, is superb. Walton manages to precisely complement the musician without overshadowing her work.  We can hear her vocal range which is the most powerful instrument that the EP deploys. If I heard Ford’s voice on the radio and didn’t know who it was, I would listen.

I highly recommend Julia Autumn Ford’s EP WHICH CAN BE PURCHASED HERE FROM AMAZON.

It is currently on amazon at $4.95 or buy the CD at Performance Hub. I state this 1) having purchased the item myself (I did not receive a free EP-this is not a sponsored review) – 2) this is my full opinion and expressed from my own purchasing power and without reservation. I genuinely believe people who enjoy the singer/songwriter experience

Julia Autumn Ford and Tracy Walton will be TOURING the east coast including shows in Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida but they will begin the tour on Thursday 10/16 at Performance Hub. There is a real expectation that the show will sell out before tickets can even be sold at the door because already advance tickets have moved the event to “LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE” status. I urge our community to support the performers and go to this show. To ensure you have your tickets, purchase them in advance-PURCHASE ADVANCE TICKETS HERE

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  1. Love this album! I did get an EP from the DTC party, but I also bought it on iTunes…because I’m crazy like that (and my laptop doesn’t have an optical drive, so it was the only way to take my music with me where the CD can’t go). Beautiful voice and I love her songs. She has a bright future ahead of her!

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