Radio Show

Episode 54: WAPJ LEADERSHIP 2017


WAPJ is Torrington’s community radio station. Formed from the seed of an idea by Isadore Temkin and Robert Sullivan, the station began broadcasting in 1997. Now in its 20th historic year we take a look at the history of the station.

This special panel that features most members of the current leadership staff:

Larry Wright (Sports Director),  John Basso (web designer),  Barrie Soucy (training coordinator), Chris Canfield (program director), John Ramsey (Station Manager)

(please note:: the station’s operations manager Mark Channon is interviewed separately-his interview can be heard during the upcoming SPORTS PANEL discussion.  Also the media coordinator Alicia DeLibro is part of the first music panel. She is also interviewed separately and that interview is a part of the Founders panel discussion. Both Mark Channon’s and Alicia DeLibro’s separate interviews will be  featured by themselves in an  upcoming episode of  Nutmeg Chatter.)

J. Timothy Quirk moderates the panel discussion.


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